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Full Car or Truck Driving Simulator

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The Full cab driving simulator is dedicated to customers who require a more significant driver immersion during the driving tasks. From any full car or truck vehicle, OKTAL transforms it into a driving simulator cabin to provide the driver with a realistic driving environment.
The real vehicle can be selected by the customer or selected by OKTAL according to a predefined list of vehicles

Driving simulator michelin Kookmin

Driving simulator michelin Kookmin

Driving Simulator of Michelin -  Kookmin


The main characteristics of the full cab simulator are:


  • Full car with actual instruments (dashboard, pedals, active steering wheel, gears, controls…).
  • Large front field of view (between 150° to 270°)
  • Rear view though LCD screens integrated into mirrors
  • SCANeR™ software package


In addition, the full cab driving simulator can be customized according to your research activities or your training purposes :
  • Rear view through visual system: screens or projection, 1 to 8 channels including LCD or actual mirrors
  • left/right hand driving
  • eye tracking system
  • 2DoF motion system
Driving simulator Audi Driving simulator Hyundai Driving simulator trl transport research laboratory

Driving Simulator of AUDI - HYUNDAI - TRL

Thanks to the full cab driving simulator, you can apply efficient simulation in the following application fields:
  • Human factors for road safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Headlight study
  • Driver and hardware in the same loop (DHIL)
  • Emergency vehicle driving
  • Initial and continous training
  • Safety awareness